Amy Winehouse Cause Of Death

Update: Toxicology report says drugs were not the cause of her death

Update: London’s Metropolitan Police say : An autopsy to determine what killed singer Amy Winehouse will not be scheduled before Monday morning. (7pm EST)

The full details surrounding what caused the death of Amy Winehouse should be revealed in autopsy results later tonight, however, it seems the cause of death may be an alcohol-induced seizure. Daily mirror, which is set to hit London news stands in hours, will report that friends of the singer said she had been binging on ecstasy and alcohol leading up to her death.

Although the singer had spent years battling a heroin addiction, in recent times she had come off hard drugs, but her alcohol consumption had grown to worrying levels. She was having regular blackouts and doctors had warned her she needed to quit alcohol, but the singer refused. Friends had reported that since her European tour was cancelled she had been “drinking herself into oblivion” in her London flat, consuming huge amounts of Vodka each week.

Although British tabloids will report that drugs were involved, it appears that Amy’s death may have been the result of alcohol. After all her problems with hard drugs, it seems alcohol, a legal drug, has killed her.

Amy Winehouse’s European tour dates were cancelled after a terrible comeback performance where she stumbled across the stage and mumbled through her lyrics and it was later revealed that her Body Guards had pushed her on stage against her will.

Amy joins the ’27 club’ along with Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones and Kurt Cobain. You’ve really got to wonder if the record label business had a part to play in the destructive lives of all these amazingly talented musicians.

Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry On Their Own

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