Amy Winehouse Reborn For The Theatre

A Danish theatre company have found a happy medium between the real thing, and those god-awful holograms: a play! Opening January 20 next year, Amy will be playing homage to the late great Amy Winehouse.

The play will narrate Winehouse’s own stories about her rise to fame, her tales of love, her tales of loss, troubles with drugs, and everything that happened in between, ultimately leading up to her death in 2011. Writers behind the show will also put am emphasis towards the struggles Amy faced on account of a very intrusive public, according to NME.

The Danish Royal Theatre – the team behind the play – issued a statement on the show, saying: “Amy will show the enormous pressure a sensationalist public put on a young superstar when her problems began”. The play was written by a consortium of 11 people naming themselves “Det roede rum”, with a script drawn together from concerts and interviews that Winehouse gave, as well as newspaper clippings and TV appearances.

Fingers crossed: if it’s a success, it might make it to Australia!

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