Amy Winehouse’s Dad Claims She Was Engaged & Maybe Pregnant On ‘Sunrise’ TV Show

Mitch Winehouse, the father of dearly departed UK singer Amy Winehouse, has appeared on Australia’s Weekend Sunrise program this morning to slam the recently released documentary Amy and dropped some revelations about her life.

Mitch claims that Amy was planning to marry her then-boyfriend Reg Traviss and that she may have been pregnant with his child sometime during their relationship and prior to her death in 2011.

“She was with Reg, they were going to get married. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but she thought she was pregnant at some stage”, Mitch stated during the interview with Andrew O’Keefe in which he also went to town on the film Amy’s presentation of his daughters life.

“None of Amy’s staff are in the film. None of the people she made music with are in the film.”, says Mitch. “Her boyfriend Reg isn’t in the film. Why isn’t Reg in the film? Because they don’t want to show Amy as having a normal relationship. Amy was surrounded by her friends and her family all of her life. To give the impression she was on her own is frankly criminal.”

O’Keefe points out that the documentary painted Mitch himself in a poor light, allowing him to respond to claims he dissuaded Amy from attending rehab and to instead keep touring at “a time when she probably needed to retreat and look after herself.”

“Nobody could make Amy do anything she didn’t want to do. When she didn’t want to work she wouldn’t when she wanted to work she’d work. The problem with that film is that nobody who was close to Amy would talk to them because they knew where they were heading with it.”

Watch the full conversation in the video below.

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