Angus Stone Once Spent A Cheeky $20,000 During An Organic Smoothie Binge

For average folk, $20,000 might seem like an intimidating chunk of change. But if you’re indie-folk juggernaut Angus Stone, it’s merely the limit for an “interesting” albeit accidental organic smoothie binge.

The native crooner, currently making music under the moniker Dope Lemon came clean to the costly cleanse in an interview with Fairfax explaining he and sister Julia Stone (and their band, presumably) copped the $20,000 bill after a single session of smoothies and sushi, describing the situation as “pretty interesting.”

Most of us would have frozen to the core of our meek existences upon peeping such a crazy total but not when you’re in the presence of famed producer Rick Rubin. “We just thought that was on the house!” he adds.

As the story goes, the hefty bill was a result of associating with a high roller like Rick Rubin. Stone adds “Being with Rick, it was really luxurious – you had people doing everything for you. It was pretty much like living in a manor with servants.”

But at the end of the day, the production powerhouse was “Cruisy as, man” fitting in like one of the band members. That’s about as much info as Stone was willing to reveal about the smoothie splash and it’s sure left us with a lot of questions. The main on of course being – “If I had that “fuck you indie-folk superstar” cash, what would I blow it on?

Stone is now keeping things way more real with Dope Lemon, and has put the organic smoothie and sushi binges behind him, ensuring things stay “good vibes only”.

Dope Lemon’s album Honey Bones is out this Friday June 10.

LISTEN: Dope Lemon – Uptown Folks

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