Another New Radiohead Song Leaked?

Following up on last week’s release of a new Radiohead song honouring the memory of the last active combat World War I veteran, this site has released details on another possible new track.

Entitled “These Are My Twisted Words”, the track was posted on a prominent Radiohead fan site yesterday morning with little information as to where or when it came from. Having had a quick listen, it definitely sounds like Yorke signing, and the rough, unpolished feel to the layered instrumental tracks would seem to suggest that it’s a studio leak.

(The more astute listeners will also hear a tape reel winding up at the beginning of the track. These are normally associated with analog tape recordings that haven’t been properly edited yet… a clue, or clever hoax?)

As for now, no one knows and Radiohead’s official channels are keeping tight-lipped.Anyway, have a listen below and let us know what you think.

[youtube F2ztWvuyXeU]

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