Another new track of Daft Punk Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

Yet another new slice off the Daft Punk‘s Tron: Legacy Soundtrack has just been let slip on the good old interwebs, check it our for yourself

Titled Outlands, the tracks, as you can see below, is the 9th out of 22 songs set to be on the soundtrack, which so far looks set to be pretty fucking rad. Judging by the song titles though it looks like we’re going to be getting a mixture of more traditional Daft Punk songs, like Outlands and Derezzed which have been leaked so far, but also more classical inspired pieces, with tracks like Adagio for Tron, and Nocturne referencing classical forms. Having worked on the soundtrack with a full symphony orchestra, I can’t wait to hear what the French duo have come up with.

Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

01. Overture 2:28

02. The Grid 1:37

03. The Son of Flynn 1:35

04. Recognizer 2:38

05. Armory 2:03

06. Arena 1:33

07. Rinzler 2:18

08. The Game Has Changed 3:25

09. Outlands 2:42

10. Adagio For Tron 4:11

11. Nocturne 1:42

12. End of Line 2:36

13. Derezzed 1:44

14. Fall 1:23

15. Solar Sailer 2:42

16. Rectifier 2:14

17. Disc Wars 4:11

18. C.L.U. 4:39

19. Arrival 2:00

20. Flynn Lives 3:22

21. Tron Legacy (End Titles) 3:18

22. Finale 4:23

23. Tron: Legacy Enhancement Multimedia Track

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