Arcade Fire Air New Music In ‘Reflektor’ Teaser Trailer

Hey, we think Montreal indie superstars Arcade Fire might trying to tell us something. Maybe it’s something to do with the word “Reflektor”, something that’s going to happen at 9pm on 9th September – just a hunch, guys.

If you’ve been living under a rock or something, the Canadian 8-piece have been teasing us with the above details for the last couple of months, and now they’ve dropped yet another piece of info leading us to believe we’ll hear their new single next Monday night.

This time it comes in the form of a 40-second trailer. There’s some recording equipment in the video, some instruments being played, even some shots of the ocean, all summed up with the same Reflektor logo and that time and date again. Oh, yeah, and there’s a hint of music that sounds unlike anything we’ve heard so far.

triple j‘s Richard Kingsmill has already tweeted that new Arcade Fire will be played on his station next Monday night at 9pm, leading fans to speculate about whether Australia will be getting the first listen to the new song ahead of our international counterparts.

Whether or not we get the first listen to the studio version, we’re sure to be one of the first people to hear the tunes live when the band pop down under for Big Day Out 2014, as the band currently have no other tour dates in place between now and then.

(via NME)

Watch: Arcade Fire – Reflektor 9/9/9

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