Architects’ Label To Give All Profits From Album Sales To Band For A Month Following Tom Searle’s Death

Australian record label UNFD has announced that it will give all profits from Architects‘ album sales to the band for the next month following the death of guitarist Tom Searle.

Searle passed away over the weekend at the age of 28 after a three year battle with cancer.

As is so often the case after a death in the music community, the band’s past two albums Lost Forever // Lost Together and All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us have re-entered the iTunes charts. UNFD are encouraging fans to keep downloading and celebrating the band’s music.

“We want to encourage that as much as possible,” UNFD wrote on Facebook.

“Tom wrote incredible music that affected us and everyone we know in positive ways.”

For the next month UNFD won’t take any cut from the revenue generated from Architects’ album sales, putting the money straight into the band’s pockets.

“We want to encourage everyone to experience the music Tom wrote, we hope that you all take as much from it as we, and hundreds of thousands of their fans around the world have,” they further wrote.

Architects’ drummer and Tom’s twin brother Dan Searle committed to Architect’s upcoming Australian tour with Bring Me The Horizon, despite the tragic news. They will be here next month.

You can buy Architects’ most recent record on iTunes here.

Watch: Architects – A Match Made In Heaven

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