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Counterparts Accuse Live Nation Australia of Not Paying Band for Architects Tour

Back in February, Canadian hardcore band Counterparts supported British metalcore outfit Architects on their Australian tour, playing shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Now, more than six weeks after the tour has concluded, Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy says the band have not been paid for their performances by promoter Live Nation Australia – something the company denies.

Taking to Twitter yesterday (5th April), Murphy tagged Live Nation Australia’s account, writing: “Can we have our fucking guarantee for the architects tour now it’s been over a month quit dicking me up and down and pay my ass.”

Murphy went on to say that the band are owed $60,000. “Did you think we’d be cool with being paid in exposure? check the contract you signed,” he wrote. “Tour ended Feb 22nd and we still haven’t seen a fucking dollar it’s despicable considering our flights to do the shit cost $23,000.” Murphy added that every other band on the tour had been paid. To this, Architects drummer replied saying the band were also still awaiting payment.

Camp Cope‘s Sarah Thompson also weighed in. “Biggest booking/touring company in the world fucking ppl left and right and folks out there stoked to be paid the dregs / defending being paid last to the death,” she wrote on Twitter. “Stop this these people laugh at you from the houses they own.”

Live Nation Australia has since reached out to Music Feeds, denying payment had not been made to Counterparts. “Live Nation can confirm the band has been paid,” a representative for the company said in a statement shared with Music Feeds.

In a separate tweet, Murphy also said Festival Hall – which hosted the tour’s Melbourne date and is currently owned by controversial megachurch Hillsong – owe the band $7000 in merch sales “whenever their hands aren’t burden[ed] by the cock of christ.” Thornhill, who were also part of the tour, replied saying they were also owed money by Festival Hall.

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