Are Bring Me The Horizon About To Drop A New Song?

Looks like we could be getting the first cut of #BMTH8 some time soon.

It’s no secret Bring Me The Horizon have been working hard on new music… As fans will know, the band have been delivering plenty of entertaining video diary updates from their studio sessions working on the follow-up to last year’s amo LP (and experimental Music to listen to… EP), and now it looks like we could be close to hearing some of the fruits of that labor!

The band have just posted a cryptic teaser on social media, which fans are widely interpreting as a sign that a new track is coming soon (the running theory is it’s a song we caught a glimpse of in one of BMTH’s studio vids from back in March, with the working title ‘Parasite Eve’).

The new teaser shows frontman Oli Sykes facetiming bandmates Jordan Fish, Lee Malia, Mat Nicholls and Matt Kean as we hear a ringtone repeat, before the band’s Antivist logo flashes dramatically onscreen.

The Twitterverse is speculating that this indeed means that ‘Parasite Eve’ (or whatever the song might be called) will drop soon…

Check out the teaser, plus some reactions to it, below.

UPDATE: BMTH have shed more light on what they’ve got coming in a new video, narrated by frontman Oli Sykes, which addresses the impact that the global pandemic has had on the band, and the importance of music, now more than ever. In the clip, Sykes talks about “one song in particular” they’ve been working on which feels incredibly poignant with the current state of the world. “Watch this space,” he concludes. You heard the man!

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