Watch Bring Me The Horizon Bring Back The Gutturals With Heavy New Album Update

When Bring Me the Horizon first began, they played an aggressive brand of deathcore with albums like Count Your Blessings and Suicide Season. As they’ve grown more popular over the years, their sound has morphed into a less abrasive mix. They’ve skewed increasingly pop, particularly with their last couple releases, 2019’s amo and Music to Listen To...

If you’re a fan of the earlier style, there may be some good news for you, courtesy of a new video update which provides some insight into the recording process for album eight.

In the clip, singer Oliver Sykes is seen recording some intense new vocals with bandmate Jordan Fish, including some low, guttural roars reminiscent of his efforts on the band’s earlier work.

“The guttural is back,” Sykes declares in the clip. “2020 is the year of the guttural.”

One could infer from this that the latest album from the band will see something of a return to the band’s heavy roots, but there’s no way of knowing for sure just yet.

While self-isolating together due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bring Me the Horizon have been using their mandated downtime to work on the new album. Sykes is holed up with Fish and the band’s videographer Brian Cox in Sheffield, and has been sharing updates on the album’s progress with fans along the way.

Watch the new video below.

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