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Ariel Pink Gets Very, Very Cross At Coachella

Written by Barnaby Smith on April 18, 2011

Mercurial rocker Ariel Pink has thrown a tantrum on stage at Coachella Festival in the United States, whinging about the sound, turning his back on the audience, grumpily smoking cigarettes, and eventually storming off stage in a huff.

Spinner reports that the ‘incident’ took place last Friday (April 15) at the Gobi tent at Coachella, which takes place in California. Mr Pink reportedly had a ‘heated’ discussion with the poor old sound man about his misgivings with his microphone, before dancing to his own band whilst refusing to sing and deliberately causing feedback with his microphone.

The bewildered crowd apparently couldn’t look away as the set disintegrated before their eyes,  before Pink (real name Ariel Marcus Rosenberg) said “I’m sorry… I know you hate me now,” as he crankily left the stage.

His band eventually managed to get their frontman back to the stage, where he continued in no better a mood, ‘pouting’ with his back to the crowd and ‘picking his thumb nervously’. He then eventually stopped his sulk and even managed some vocals on tracks L’estat (According to the Widow’s Maid) and Round and Round.

Ariel Pink is about to head to Europe for a few dates, including London’s Field Day Festival.

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