Ariel Pink Accused Of Sexual Misconduct & Harassment By Former Girlfriend & Bandmate

Ariel Pink has been accused of sexual misconduct and harassment by his former girlfriend and bandmate Charlotte Ercoli Coe, according to Pitchfork.

Court documents show that Pink attempted to having a restraining order placed against Coe. However, on Wednesday, 6th January, Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Laura Cohen dismissed Pink’s request.

The Commissioner also ruled that Pink’s ex-girlfriend, Coe would be entitled to “reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs,” following his attempt.

The order was based on California’s “anti-SLAPP” statute. It’s in place to discourage unnecessary or frivolous lawsuits that are often used to intimidate.

The court also deemed that Ariel Pink’s ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Ercoli Coe “made a threshold showing” that the behaviours Pink had cited as harassment were “Constitutionally-protected activities”.

Coe detailed instances of sexual misconduct and abuse by Pink.

““I began dating [Pink] in 2015, when I was 19 and [Pink] was 38,” she wrote in her declaration.

“It was a tumultuous relationship, characterised by a power imbalance: [Pink] was 19 years older than me; [Pink] was famous, and I was not; [Pink] was established in the music business, while I was just beginning my music career.”

Other allegations from Coe say he “physically attacked” her on stage during a concert back in October of 2017.

At the time, Music Feeds reported that a Reddit user said, that Pink had treated his girlfriend and bandmate Charlotte Ercoli “like a piece of meat” on stage and at one point “pinned her down to the stage and got on top of her.”

Coe tweeted at the time that the pair were “just having fun”. In her declaration though, she said that tweet was created “under pressure from” Pink.

Coe went on to allege that Pink bullied her into having unprotected sex, gave her herpes, and distributed naked photos of her to his fans, illegally.

In 2018 after they broke up, Coe says Pink continued harassing her via text messages.

Pink denies the allegations. He says “claims that [he] is a sexual predator, physically abusive, and a pedophile are intentionally false, misleading and defamatory.”

His lawyers told Pitchfork that he intends to appeal the decision.

Ariel Pink was recently spotted at the US Capitol riots and was called out by fans. His record label later dropped him.

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