Asking Alexandria Bassist Experiences Near Miss In Serious Truck Accident

Asking Alexandria’s bassist Sam Bettley says he is “lucky to be alive” after being involved in a serious traffic accident earlier today.

According to a post on his Instagram account, the 25-year old was driving a removal truck when its tire gave out and the whole vehicle flipped over. He was unscathed while items in the truck were all but destroyed.

“Lucky to be alive,” Bettley wrote a number of hours ago. “Tire blew out on me causing me to lose control and flip the truck. Everything I own has been destroyed but at least I walked away without a scratch. Grateful.”

Hundreds of friends and fans have offered up expressions of sympathy and relief that the bassist wasn’t hurt, with many also grateful that the band wouldn’t have to cancel their upcoming Australian tour.

Pheeeeeeeeeeeeew. Like his fans, we’re just glad he got away unscathed.

Asking Alexandria release their new studio album, The Black, on Friday 25 March and begin their Aussie tour in April.

Watch: Asking Alexandria – The Black

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