An Assault Results In Death, And An Explosion Hospitalises Multiple Punters At Sacramento Music Festival

A 31 year old man was “sucker-punched” at a hip-hop music festival in Sacramento, California yesterday, after which he reportedly turned grey-blue and became unresponsive. Very soon after, he was pronounced dead in a nearby hospital.

The man, a punter at the sold out KSFM’s 102.5 festival at Sacramento’s Discovery Park, was reportedly standing at a food booth when the altercation took place. Witness Miguel Rava explains that the men involved in the fight were “just going at it beating each other, like nonstop.”

Police have released a description of the man in question for the crime, described as in his mid-20s, 5′ 10″ and weighing 175 pounds (80kg) with an athletic build. He was last seen wearing cargo pants and a white T-shirt.

And believe it or not, this isn’t the only horrible thing that happened that day.

At the same festival earlier on, a propane tank exploded at another food booth resulting in three individuals suffering burns. Luckily the victims didn’t get burned badly enough to be hospitalised, however three others were injured severely enough for hospitalisation in the stampede that followed, where fences were broken down in an attempt to escape the explosion that sounded like gun shots.

Last year’s festival also encountered violence, when a security guard was punched by an attendee.

This year’s festival was beyond sold out, with 17,000 attending as opposed to the legal capacity of 15,000, according to events coordinator for KSFM Karen Filben. The festival hosted music acts including Ty Dolla $ign, E-40, Kehlani, the Internet, and Desiigner, among others.

KSFM have not made a statement yet regarding wether the festival will tale place again next year, however on social media today they have expressed their deep regret for the course of events that took place.

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