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Astonishing Human Male Raises $20K Listening To Only Nickelback For A Week Straight

Written by Emmy Mack on February 19, 2015

Human beings are capable of some pretty amazing feats. Over the course of history, we’ve seen those with strength of spirit stronger than most of us could even imagine run marathons, scale mountains and there was even one super zealous Star Wars fan who walked 5,000 kays across Australia decked out in full Stormtrooper gear to raise money for the Monash Children’s Hospital. He was bitten by a snake.

But now, one man is going where even Stormtroopers fear to tread. US podcaster Jesse Carey has pledged to subject himself to nothing but Nickelback music for an entire week, all in the spirit of charity.

Carey has described his Nickelback challenge as the “ultimate test of endurance”, and it’s already received an overwhelming surge of support internationally. Those gobsmacked by the young man’s moxie, not to mention the sheer willpower needed to withstand a 24/7 tumult of alt rock cliché, have thrown their support behind the campaign.

The campaign’s initial US$10,000 target has been speedily discarded, not unlike the pants Chad Kroeger likes around your feet, and at the time of writing, the goal total been doubled, with Jesse raising a whopping US$20,00 for Charity: Water, an organisation which builds water wells in developing countries.

Jesse has also been documenting his efforts via a vlog for Relevant magazine, the home of his podcast. Watch him discuss the Nickelback challenge below, or to contribute to his campaign, check out his Charity: Water page, here.

Meanwhile, the ‘Back are still ploughing ahead with plans to tour Australia this May.

Watch: Jesse Carey’s Nickelback Challenge Podcast Episode 429

Watch: Chad Kroeger – Hero (feat. Josey Scott)

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