Atlas Genius Debut Album ‘When It Was Now’ Was “A Labour Of Love”

Atlas Genius‘ unreal debut album When It Was Now has finally dropped, with the indie rock synth pop record looking to build of the success of the band’s infectious single Trojans, which put Atlas Genius on many people’s to-watch lists way back in 2011.

But even before Atlas Genius became a buzzworthy act, brothers Keith, Michael and Steven Jeffery set about building their own recording studio prior to having ever played a live show. Years later and the band of brothers have now performed at SXSW in addition to stellar performances on the chat show circuit with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno.

Having recently spoken to Music Feeds, frontman Keith Jeffery explained why the band took a leap of faith and built the studio before having stepped foot onstage as Atlas Genius:

“It was a labour of love. It was one of things where we didn’t do it for anything else other than a desire to have a facility to record our music. And just like any musician you don’t do it, really, for anything else but the love of music.”

When It Was Now by Atlas Genius is out now and can be purchased in all decent record stores and online via iTunes

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