Atreyu Contemplating New Material With “None Of That Major Label BS”

It seems that forefathers of the screamo scene Atreyu are toying with the idea of ending their hiatus in the name of new material. In a post from vocalist Alex Varkatzas (signed off as AlPal), the band have teased fans with the possibility of new material. But, should they do it, they’ll do it their way.

This latest Facebook post indicates a strong will to get back into the studio for new material with “tons of screaming and shredding ala The Curse, etc” only this time with out “none of that major label BS” (the band were previously signed to Roadrunner Records via Hollywood Records), indicating the band are more than likely to release any new material directly to their fans for free. “Cross your fingers,” he concludes.

A status update posted only hours before the latest one reads, “REPOST- If you want Atreyu to write a new song for your ears to bleed too. Lets see how many really want a new track,” with more than 3,000 sharing the update.

Varkatzas announced back in January of 2011 that the band would be taking a long, long break having spent 11 years in the game, explaining that the band members all need to “recharge and focus on different parts of our lives”. They stated that they would be neither recording nor writing during the down time, but that might now only be half true.

Since taking a breather, members have all branched off into their own side projects. Drummer Brandon Saller now fronts Hell Or Highwater, Varkatzas teamed up with Bleeding Through vocalist Brandan Schieppati for I Am War and lead guitarist Travis Miguel released an EP with his new project Fake Figures.

The post could be the result of a drunken night stuck inside on a rainy night, but still, you heard the man – cross your fingers! The full statement is below.

Atreyu contemplating new material:

“I’m thinking, if we did do 1 new Atreyu song, it won’t be for a few months BUT I would like it to be given away free to our fans. You guys have given us soo much, if we can get it done , how cool would that be??? Truly punk rock! Just thinking aloud! Enjoy Mother’s Day! I am- ALpal

Ps yes there will be tons of screaming and shredding ala the curse etc. none of that major label BS. Cross your fingers”

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