Attn Musos: This Aussie ‘Airtasker For Artists’ Wants To Help You Score More Gigs

A new platform has emerged to give the Aussie live music sector a shake-up. Live music community Six8 is smashing the worlds of live music and the sharing economy together to create new opportunities for artists, venues and fans.

Billing itself as “Uber for live entertainment, Airtasker for artists, AirBNB for venues”, Six8 has set itself the lofty goal of changing the way that artists and venues connect and do business.

Here’s the 411: musos can sign up and create a profile linking to all of their relevant social media channels and *very importantly* specifying their hourly rate, while promoters and venues can sign up as hosts and search for the perfect artist to book for their specific event, based on criteria like genre, availability, price range or location.

So it’s basically Tinder, except for the live music industry. Kind of. Anyway it sounds pretty awesome and you can sign up for it right here.

Managing Director Keith Sue is frothing on the success of the platform’s first showcase at Paddington’s beloved Ampersand Bookstore & Café with neo-soul singer Soma Sutton, and says he’s pumped for more events to follow over the coming months.

“I really love what we’re doing here,” he says. “I love this idea that artists can be set free from all the barriers which prevent them from sharing their passion. And that everyday people, like you and me, can use their imagination to create new experiences with live music. The aim of the game is to bring live music into spaces where there previously was none, all the while creating unique experiences for performers and listens. It’s damn exciting!”

A similar concept called Parlour emerged in Melbourne back in 2015, and has continued to expand.

To be considered for Six8’s forthcoming showcases, make sure you sign up to the online platform ASAP.

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