Aussie Producer Joelistics Has Scored A Songwriting Credit On A “Pretty Shit” Madonna Song

Aussie producer Joelistics has finally scored a writing credit on Madonna‘s ‘Vidi Vici’ after years of battling.

He took to Facebook to explain how he finally got a 1.5 per cent credit on the song two years after Madonna released it as a collaboration with Nas on her 2015 Rebel Heart record.

A number of years ago, he did some songwriting sessions with his friend Dustin Mclean. They were eventually passed onto M-Phazes (who has in the past produced for big names like Eminem). He worked on them before they were passed on again to a friend of his in the USA.

“Somehow that demo got passed on to Madonna and diplo and they used the chords and melody for a middle eight in a song Madonna did with Nas on her last album,” he wrote before adding it was her, “least successful album of all time.”

“We were never credited for our work and it looked like the whole episode would, at best, become a bar story “hey buddy, I once co-wrote a song for Madonna”.”

Some two years after the album was released he’s finally been recognised by Australian and US publishers and credited with 1.5 per cent.

“In case you’re wondering, that will result in a couple hundred dollars at most but whatever, we got the credit,” he said.

He’s also noted that he thinks that the song is “pretty shit”.

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