Aussie Promoter Drops US Band From Tour Because Of “Complete Incompetency”, Manager Ditches Them Too

UPDATE: The Faceless have now hit back at Soundworks Touring, accusing the promoter of “unprofessionalism”.

ORIGINAL STORY: US metal band The Faceless have been dropped from an Aussie tour by Soundworks Touring due to “complete incompetency”.

They were due to play in Perth two nights ago on the tour that also includes American bands The Black Dahlia Murder and Putrid Pile plus local acts Whoretopsy and Unravel but they never turned up and will now not play any shows at all.

The promoters took to Facebook to explain the situation writing, “Due to complete incompetency by the band and their management, and with a total lack of respect for Soundworks Touring, and more importantly their fans, THE FACELESS have this morning officially cancelled their entire Australian and New Zealand tour.”

“Over the past week we have been continuously lied to, misled and left in the dark as to the whereabouts of the band since their first scheduled appearance on May 9th.”

The promoters went on to label them “unprofessional” and called the cancellation, “100% solely their doing.”

They also encouraged fans to express their disappointment directly to the band and their management, however, Music Feeds has contacted their management and they wish to have nothing to do with the band as a result of this tour.

“I do not manage The Faceless anymore,” their manager EJ Shannon said.

“I have given them every opportunity to make it to Australia, and after missing four flights that I have booked, I do not wish to be involved with that band anymore.”

The tour will go ahead with the remaining bands. The Faceless are yet to address the ill-fated tour.

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