Aussie Punk Band Cuntz Banned From Gig In The US Due To Band Name

Unlike in our very lovely, very hot country (srsly weather the fuck is up?) of Australia, other places around the world don’t seem to have the close affiliation with the word ‘cunt’, like we do.

Whilst countries such as the United States are all tied up in the supposed negativity of the word, we here in our sun-kissed homeland know that the C bomb has many, beautiful connotations and forms. Why I just referred to my dear Grandma as a “sick cunt” after she tossed me a VB from the fridge and she, in turn, threw me a sick shaka, such is its acceptance.

So spare a thought to a couple of sick cunt Aussies who have felt the conservative arm of the USA fall heavily against them over the weekend, with punk outfit Cuntz forced to change the venue for a Seattle gig after backlash formed against their name.

Nicole Erin Yalaz, the manager of the band’s booking agency, Strange Victory Touring, posted to Facebook after the cancellation the following:

“The Cuntz show in Seattle has been cancelled because of their name. I’m so disgusted right now.. So sick of these rich young college kids who think that trolling a show into being cancelled is making a difference in the world. I hope you all die from your PTSD.”

The band was forced to move their gig to another venue but not without some additional wordage from promoter C.J. Frederick, with Stereogum reporting he posted a statement to FB before deleting:

“It’s not up to me to decide what is and isn’t offensive to folks, but I do feel like it’s my responsibly to listen to the voices of my friends, peers and fellow musicians who have been upset by me booking a band called Cuntz. I decide to stand with my lady friends and feminist friends on this issue.

Apologies to folks who have been hurt and/or offended by this show. This is NOT the kind of thing I want DASWASUPGIG to represent and I admit to having rolled the dice when I should have just said “no thanks”.”

First Shihad and now Cuntz? What have you got against Australian band names, America? What a pack of cunts. (^_-)

Watch: Cuntz – Never Felt Better

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