Aussie Pugs Are Being Turned Into Famous Rappers By ‘The Pug Life’ Project

Dogs can so easily become the centre of our universe, and, as it turns out, they can also become some of the biggest names in the rap game thanks to a new project by Australian photographer Adam Jackman-Moore, appropriately titled The Pug Life.

Mr Jackman-Moore, who goes by the name A-Dawg (because of course he does), is part of the The Dog Photographers group, and has been mixing his love of pugs with ’80s and ’90s hip hop culture for the benefit of all the world.

A-Dawg has been dressing up pugs in rap-appropriate threads and recreating the personas of famous rappers like Ice Cube, The Notorious B.I.G. and Beastie Boys, all through the smooshed and wrinkled faces of his super-cute pug mates.

As Seven News reports, all of A-Dawg’s beloved pugs come from the local Pugs In Perth community group. So how does he get these puppers to sit so still and look so ghetto?

“Pugs are just really easy to work with because they’re so food-oriented,” A-Dawg says. “Once you’ve got the treats, they’re fine with it.

“The severe head tilts, the looks they give you — they’re ugly and cute at the same time and they’ve got so much character.”

A-Dawg’s puppy pals are split into two categories: The Dirty Dozen, which includes Snoop Pug, Notorious P.U.G., 2-Pug, Pugmaster Flash and RUN PUG; and The Recruits, who are pugs with street cred who have been submitted by their proud owners. What’s more, anyone can apply to join the crew.

A-Dawg has unveiled nine of his Dirty Dozen so far, with more new additions still to be announced. Catch a selection of his rap-ready pugs and their stage names below, and for more information about The Pug Life, head to The Pug Life website.

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