Aussie Rapper Ivan Ooze Reacts To Azealia Banks’ Comments About Australian Crowds

Melbourne indie rapper Ivan Ooze has spoken out against US rapper Azealia Banks, calling her “a cyber bully” who “doesn’t deserve to tour this country” after she voiced her disappointment with both Australian audiences and Splendour In The Grass only days after performing at the festival.

Ivan Ooze, who supported Banks at both her Sydney and Melbourne Splendour sideshows, has taken to Facebook to say he regrets supporting her, and has been disillusioned by her online comments against Australian crowds and Splendour itself.

Ooze’s statement reads:

“As an up and coming artist I was very excited to support Azealia Banks, who was once one of my favourite artists. From the shows I played with her in Sydney and Melbourne, the vibe was incredible and literally out of this world and I don’t think I have ever performed to such energetic and supportive Australian crowds.

“I went out into the crowds after the shows and I only received thoughtful words and praise of how awesome Azealia’s show was.

“The comments Azaelia has made on her twitter, including death threats and homophobic slurs towards Australians shows that she is just a cyber bully and doesn’t deserve to tour this country.

“I am super grateful for the chance to play in front of the awesome crowds over the weekend, but I don’t support cyber bullying and I now regret supporting Azaelia Banks.

“She obviously just craves the bad attention and feeds off it so in the words of Lisa Simpson ‘just don’t look’.”

Ooze’s response comes after Banks said Australian crowds are “terrible”, “violent” and “belligerent”, maybe referring to her infamous 2013 Australian shows when she left the stage after only a few songs after having beer cans thrown at her.

Shortly after making those comments this week, Banks took aim at Splendour In The Grass, saying, it was “a waste of my fucking time”.

Catch photos from Banks’ Sydney sideshow below, and a full review right here.

Gallery: Azealia Banks – Sydney, Metro Theatre 24.07.15 / Photos: Liam Cameron

As an up and coming artist I was very excited to support Azealia Banks, who was once one of my favourite artists. From…

Posted by Ivan Ooze on Tuesday, 28 July 2015

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