Aussie Sisters Injured In London Nightclub Acid Attack

Two Australian women were enjoying a night out at a London nightclub when they were among at least 12 victims of an acid attack.

22-year old Isobella Fraser and her 20-year old sister Prue witnessed a fight break out at Mangle Club at approximately 11:30pm, shortly after which they were splashed with  a corrosive substance.

9 News reports that the model and nanny received only minor injures, however two men closely involved in the altercation copped serious burns and remain hospitalised.

“The victim who had acid splashed all over his face, he was involved in the fight, someone pushed him and he knocked me over,” said Isobella. Sister Prue said she believed at the time that they were victims of “some sort of terrorist attack,” however Metropolitan Police have stated that the attack is not terrorism or gang related.

The fight was instead a dispute between two men, which Police say resulted in “a noxious substance being sprayed by a male suspect directly at Victims 1 and 2”.

Following the incident the Fraser sisters found the wait for ambulance so long that they walked themselves to hospital. The club had 600 patrons in it at the time all whom had to be evacuated.

Mangle Club have said in a statement that they are currently cooperating with the investigation by Metro Police, but are not at liberty to comment on the incident at this stage.

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