Australian Artists Unite To Make Climate Action An Urgent Issue Ahead Of The Election

Over 50 Australian musicians have joined the international No Music on a Dead Planet campaign, lending their names and support to put pressure on politicians to focus on the urgent issue of climate action in the lead-up to the federal election next month.

The local campaign is being supported by both Music Declares Emergency along with Green Music Australia, and will feature conversations and advocacy around the vital issue through artists’ social platforms, at gigs and festivals like Groovin the Moo and Tamworth Country Music Festival, along with traditional media and advertising throughout April and Mary.

Artists who’ve already rallied behind the campaign include Midnight Oil, with drummer Rob Hirst saying they were proud to be among the artists “shouting loud about the present catastrophe of climate change” and calling the campaign the most “urgent” the band had ever gotten behind.

Jake Taylor, frontman for eco-conscious metalcore outfit In Hearts Wake, echoed Hirst’s sentiments: “This Earth is our home, a sanctuary we love and depend on. We human beings have far more in common than we do apart. As we draw closer to the point of no return, there has never been more of a crucial time to take action. For the love of music and our children we must face this crisis through solution and innovation, with a desire to thrive and evolve.”

Other artists who’ve lent their support include Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker, The Avalanches, Courtney Barnett, Budjerah, Gretta Ray, You Am I‘s Tim Rogers, DRMNGNOW, Anna Lunoe, the Teskey Brothers, L-FRESH the LION, Ella Hooper, Bobby Alu and more. Artists are calling on parliament to commit to strong bipartisan action on climate, and on young people to ensure they’re enrolled to vote and make their voices count this election.

“No Music on a Dead Planet is a call for unity and human connection, to come together to face the climate and ecological emergency,” explains Berish Bilander, CEO of Green Music Australia. “The planet is not ours to plunder, we are simply custodians for a time. Artists and music lovers united are a powerful force. If enough of us get together to demand change, our messages will reverberate at the ballot box and beyond.”

NIDALA, a Djugun singer-songwriter, activist and board member for Green Music Australia acknowledged, “As performers we are given the immense privilege of our audience’s attention in the spaces we create for them. Now more than ever we must not take this for granted. Both in our artforms and our shows we must speak boldly to what is important to the survival of our world.”

“This is a clutch period for getting people to use their civic power for the good of the planet and others,” added Jessica Cerro, who performs under the name of Montaigne. “Hopefully with a slew of extreme weather events under our belt, we can bring awareness to and encourage our audiences to vote for a progressive government that looks after its people and the planet.”

Head here to learn more about the campaign and pledge your support.

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