Australian Music Industry Supergroup Unites To Save Our Live Music Scene From Permanent Doom

A Justice League of Aussie live music & entertainment industry heavyweights have joined forces to form a new body dedicated to saving the nation’s COVID-ravaged music scene from certain doom, and fight for truth, justice & moshing to straight-fire bangers.

Dubbed the Live Entertainment Industry Forum (or LEIF for short), the action group features members from juggernaut tour promoters including TEG, Live Nation, Frontier Touring, plus Live Performance Australia and a bunch of major venues across the country.

According to its website’s mission statement, LEIF aims to “support the safe reactivation of events with live audiences across Australia from July as restrictions are eased” and deliver “a comprehensive, flexible, all-of-industry re-opening and risk management strategy that meets the needs of the public, governments and performers and industry, with safety at its core”.

The group is chaired by former Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland, who told The Age that “going to an event isn’t going to be the same as it once was”.

“We have to adapt to these circumstances as they unfold,” he continued. “With the industry on its knees, the way back is through a collective effort, the industry is united working through this and putting differences aside to deliver a COVID-safe environment… to get fans back in venues and people back in jobs.”

It comes after Live Performance Australia proposed a $345 million stimulus package to help the live music industry recover from the decimating scourge of COVID-19 as restrictions begin to lift again, which the Federal Government has yet to address.

You can find out more or submit to be involved in the LEIF initiative by slapping your mouse here.

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