The Avalanches Just Updated Their Website, So Are They About To Make A Come Back?

UPDATE 02/06/16: The Avalanches have returned, listen to their new track Frankie Sinatra here!

UPDATE 13/04/16: The Avalanches are officially back and have been announced on the lineup for a handful of festivals, including Splendour In The Grass 2016.

Original Story: Something is rumbling in The Avalanches‘ camp.

The Aussie electro oddbodz have updated their website and social media accounts with some brand new artwork, featuring an embroidered A-winged butterfly on a dark piece of cloth.


Naturally fans are freaking the fark out, with the group’s sudden Nan’s House-inspired artistic makeover causing us all to question:


Many seem to believe that The Avalanches could just be fucking with us again, after their long-teased second album, which – despite a number of promising updates – has still never managed to eventuate.

“This could mean literally nothing. Avalanches have been pulling a reverse death grips on us since before death grips existed,” said one social media commenter.

“Until there is a new album in my hands I believe nothing. My heart has been broken too many times before,” said another.

Late last year, Aussie label Modular teased the imminent release of the group’s Holy Grail-esque sophomore LP after winning a high profile court case against Universal, so that could be something?

Could the new album announcement and – do we even dare suggest it – a spot on tomorrow’s Splendour In The Grass lineup be on the cards?

One thing’s for sure though. If it turns out The Avalanches really are just playing mind games with us again… we’re all gonna need therapy.

Watch: The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

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