Avril Lavigne Is Getting Mercilessly Trolled By Folks Convinced She’s A Clone Named Melissa

The latest batshit conspiracy to grasp hold of the tinfoil hat-wearing internet involves Avril Lavigne being killed and replaced by a doppleganger named Melissa back in 2003.

The crackpot theory has been kicking around for years, but it’s made a seismic resurgence on Twitter over the past few days with skeptics pointing to the Canadian pop-punk princess’s sudden changes in style:–rep%2F811b2b0a-e363-44c6-89f9-1a89c57e30af.htm

Facial appearance:

Not to mention cryptic lyrics in her songs:

As bulletproof evidence that the OG Avril is actually 6-feet-under and has been stealthily replaced by a lookalike, specifically an actress named Melissa Vandella, whose Facebook profile picture looks like this:


Anyway, now that the world is in the grips of #notmyavril fever, “Avril” herself is trying to act all normal, like she’s not a clone and stuff, by posting photos from the studio where she’s working on her new album:

Pfffft. A photo of a shadowy face in a darkly lit room? Nice try MELISSA.

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