Azealia Banks Free Of Label And Looking To Join Interpol

Azealia Banks has revealed that her wishes have finally been granted and she’s been dropped from her record label after almost a year of complaining over Twitter. With the prohibitive Interscope out of the picture, the Harlem rapper says her next wish is to join Splendour-bound post-punks Interpol.

The 212 rapper recently took to her Twitter account to tell fans that if she were “to be a member of Interpol” — the Paul Banks-fronted post-punk revivalists who are presently readying their fifth studio album — it would complete her “teenage dreams.” We feel you Azealia, we feel you.

The rapper’s teenage dreams might not be so outlandish, either. Banks has a history with the band, having covered their 2004 single Slow Hands, and with the departure of the band’s longtime bassist Carlos Dengler, Paul Banks might just have an empty slot he could fill with a fellow Banks.

Banks also excitedly told her followers that she’s about to be free of her major label responsibilities, saying, “I’M ABOUT TO GET OUT OF MY DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S THE BIG SURPRISE!!!!!”, before adding, “Free at last.” Banks had previously lamented that she hadn’t signed with Sony.

Azealia’s breakthrough single, 212, is now roughly two years old and Interscope didn’t appear too eager to release her long-delayed debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, which Banks vowed to leak earlier this year in a style similar to fellow rapper Angel Haze, who leaked her debut full-length in December. Broke With Expensive Taste was originally slated top drop in September 2012.

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