Azealia Banks Goes Full Azealia Banks, Abuses Airline Staff In Sweary, Homophobic Rant

Azealia Banks has hit critical levels of Azealia Banks, unleashing a homophobic tirade and allegedly trying to biff-on with several passengers onboard a flight from New York to Los Angeles.

The Ice Princess apparently lashed out at a member of the flight staff, calling him a – cover your nan’s ears – “fucking faggot” in what was no doubt a calm and logically structured explanation of her legitimate grievances which simply got lost in translation.

Except probably not because she’s Azealia Banks.

According to Vulture, passengers onboard the plane described the incident as such:

“… the fight began when a French couple was blocking the aisle as Banks was trying to get through. She tried to squeeze past them, but the man put his hand in her face. At this point, everything escalated: Banks allegedly spat in his face, punched him, and clawed at him.”

Before said passengers turned off their mobile phones to ensure the plane didn’t explode on takeoff (or whatever is supposed to happen if you forget to turn off your mobile phone before the plane takes off) one of them managed to capture the aftermath of the biffo on camera and send it to the town criers at TMZ.

Banks also caused a commotion following her appearance at Splendour In The Grass earlier this year, hurling shade at Australian audiences, the festival itself, and getting homophobia-happy once again by slagging one of her Australian media critics as a “twink”.

The singer defended her right to use derogatory terms like “faggot” and “twink”, because she’s bisexual, her brother is trans and her employees are “all gay men”.

She’s also defended her aggressive reaction on board the recent flight, telling TMZ “I don’t tolerate bitchassness and I don’t tolerate men putting their hands on me”.

Watch footage of the post-biffo verbal plane altercation, below.

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