Azealia Banks “Heartbroken” After Russell Crowe Escapes Charges Over Alleged Assault

Azealia Banks says she’s been left “seriously heartbroken” by the LA County District Attorney’s decision to dismiss her case against actor Russell Crowe, who she alleged has assaulted her at a dinner party earlier this year.

“Seriously heartbroken over this news of my case against Russell Crowe being thrown out. I paid a lawyer to defend me who went ghost two weeks ago, and now a DA is saying that he was justified in spitting on me. (?),” Banks writes on Facebook. “One thing I won’t do is let this ruin any parts of me. I’ve done enough crying in 2016, and 2017 won’t be the year I allow the media or anyone else to control my narrative.”

ICYMI: Banks accused Rusty of choking her, spitting on her and calling her an N-bomb before violently ejecting her from his private Beverly Hills dinner bash, which she was attending as a guest of Wu-Tang clan’s RZA. However, it seems all the evidence points to Banks, and not Crowe, as being the perpetrator of the violence.

“Several attendees describe Banks, not Crowe, as the assaultive party,” court documents obtained by People Magazine reportedly read.

“Witnesses state that prior to being ejected from the hotel room by Crowe, Banks repeatedly used a racial epithet, was verbally aggressive to party attendees and threatened to break a glass to cut the throat of a female guest and/or Crowe.”

Similar eye-witness accounts were reported by TMZ back when the whole thing first went down, with Banks (AKA the “plus-one from hell”) alleged to have mocked Crowe’s musical selections, called him and others “boring white men”, and then threatened to stab their throats with glass shards after one female guest told her to STFU.

“Blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino shit,” Banks reportedly threatened, before throwing around a few choice N-bombs, reaching for a glass and cocking it back. The witnesses — including Aussie comedian/champ Jim Jefferies and RZA himself — reckon it was then that Crowe grabbed Banks in a bear hug, carried her out of his suite and called hotel security guards to remove her from the grounds.

The court documents continue: “Guests report after this threat was made, they saw Crowe struggle with Banks to prevent Banks from using the glass she picked up, seemingly to carry out her threat. It was then that Crowe escorted Banks out of the room. [Deputy District Attorney] concludes a tier of fact would find the physical escort out of the room was justified to prevent the imminent violence threatened by Banks.”

At the time of writing, Rusty has yet to respond to the news. Banks, however, whose Twitter account remains suspended, has posted a lengthy response on Facebook, which you can read in full below.

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