Azealia Banks To Perform With The Prodigy At Future Music, Confirms Coachella Appearance

Azealia Banks has revealed she will be joining The Prodigy onstage this weekend at Future Music Festival to help perform one of The Prodigy’s biggest tracks, Firestarter.

Usually a source of controversy, the news came from Banks’s Twitter account, with the rapper’s obvious glee hard to misconstrue:

“Annnnnnddddd ! The Prodigy invited me to perform “firestarter” on their set at Future!!! LOLOL LET ME GET MY LIFEEEEEEE”

Banks continued to tweet her elation, noting that The Prodigy are “JUST FUCKING UGGGGGGGGHHHHH” and pondering what outfit would best suit the special occasion. During her excitement, Banks also tweeted that she will share the stage with Paul Oakenfold at this year’s Coachella:

“I’m surprising you all at Coachella!!!! I’m going to be performing my track with Paul Oakenfold !!!!!”

Last week Banks posted two tweets that simply read “C.O.A.C.H.E.L.L.A” and “G.L.A.S.T.O.N.B.U.R.Y”. The update indicates that Banks may not perform a full set at Coachella but instead make a guest appearance.

You’ve still got time to enter our Future Music Festival competition – entries for tickets to Adelaide’s show close today.

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