Ben Lee Caught Up In Bizarre Facebook Scam Involving Suitcase Full Of Cash

National treasure Ben Lee has confirmed that he has not, in fact, been hitting up randoms on Facebook to ask whether they’d be keen to pick up a suitcase stuffed with $300K cash on his behalf.

The Aussie tunesmith has exposed the bizarre con with a PSA on his own Facebook page today, revealing that a fake Ben Lee account has been spamming random users with the covert request.

“Apologies to anyone being contacted by a fake Ben Lee page trying to get them to pick up a suitcase with $300k in it that ‘I don’t have time to deal with’,” Lee posted. “This is a fake page and FB have removed it.

“For future reference, I guarantee you I would make time to pick up any briefcase with $300k in it,” he clarified.

It doesn’t appear as if anyone has been duped by the oddball scam though. It seems you have to be smarter than that if you want Ben Lee fans to catch your disease.

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