Watch Ben Lee, Lena Dunham & More Analyse The Relationship Between Liam & Noel Gallagher For Some Reason

This is not the headline I expected to write today.

An event was held this week, hosted by Brad Pitt (?) and featuring Ben Lee (??), Lena Dunham (???), Spike Jonze (????) and more, to psychoanalyse the infamously tumultuous and unpredictable relationship between OasisLiam & Noel Gallagher.

This seemingly all started when, back in August, Dunham tweeted that she has just watched the band’s documentary and that she had ‘big opinions’ on the relationship between the brothers.

Ben Lee chimes in saying that watching Noel interviews as acts as an antidepressant for him – “Liam ones work too” – to which Dunham suggested that they do a live reading.

See it, dream it, achieve it, Lena.

The event, titled ‘Champagne Superanalysis’, took place in LA over the weekend and featured a whole slew of dramatic reading of the brothers’ truly iconic tweets, interviews and other red hot statements they’ve given. It also featured an interpretive dance to ‘Wonderwall’, as if that doesn’t happen at any house party you’ve ever attended.

Oh, and Brad Pitt opened the event by saying “Let’s do this, you c*nts.” What a night.

See some pics and watch some clips of the truly baffling event below.

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