Bernard Fanning Returns With Politically Charged Song ‘Belly Of The Beast’

Former Powderfinger frontman Bernard Fanning has a new album in the works, but has put it aside to write a new song addressing the importance of a number of upcoming elections around the globe.

Belly Of The Beast is a harmonica-driven anthem, sounding Bob Dylan-esque at least in its instrumental aspect. The actual lyrics encourage people to vote, as well as addressing issues like poverty in the world, and denounce politicians who lie and toe the party line mindlessly. Leaders should be “a mouthpiece for the voiceless, not a vassal of the few”, Fanning sings.

The beginning of the lyric video, which features images of some of the most influential leaders of the past century including Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Llama and Martin Luther King, also contains a short message.

“There are federal elections coming up across the western world. We the electorate have some very important choices to consider. Do our ‘leaders’ challenge rather than confirm our prejudices? Vote and make your voice heard”.

Watch: Bernard Fanning – Belly Of The Beast


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