The Best 5 Rock Music Videos, With Ezekiel Ox

Ezekiel Ox is fresh off the release of his new single ‘Eyes Up Hearts Full’, plucked from his debut solo EP Proper Gander and he’s more than ready to take the action to the people.

Having helmed so many beloved outfits – Superheist, Mammal, Full Scale, Over-Reactor, The Nerve, to name a few – Ox knows his way around a music video. So, on the cusp of his upcoming shows (details below) Ezekiel Ox has shared with us the recipe for a great music video and his five favourite, of all time.

The Best 5 Rock Music Videos, With Ezekiel Ox

“I put this list together to celebrate some great work in my favourite musical medium, the film clip!

“A great video starts with one thing only: the concept. From the grandiose high budget extremes of Micheal Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ to the simple one shot stoner homage of Dune Rats’ ‘Red Light Green Light’, great film clips heighten the fan’s experience of the music and take us to another place.

“They lay bare the sex, violence, love, lust and redemption that is present in the music and give the artists a chance to please the eyes at the same time as the ears. Artists use them to complete their image and package.” – Ezekiel Ox

Twelve Foot Ninja – ‘Sick’

Co-directed by band leader and guitar hero Stevic Mackay, the boys from Melbourne’s best alt-djent band settle in for a video night, and the chaos and violence that ensues needs to be seen to be believed. It’s important to wait for the end when the “lesson” is revealed.

Over-Reactor – ‘Mouth Of The Ghetto’

I’d always fantasised about having hip-hop/RnB dancers on a hardcore or heavy metal clip, so when the opportunity arose to make it happen with my band Over-Reactor, I got busy. Finishing with the line “Fuck Mick Gatto”, this clip references Henry Rollins as much as it does Beyoncé.

DJ Shadow (feat. Run The Jewels) – ‘Nobody Speak’

Run The Jewels have made a real name for themselves lately with their uncompromising production and quasi-gangster rhymes. This clip ridicules the ruling class, whilst leaving us with the question: “Who’s gonna clean up their mess when they’re done?”

Rage Against The Machine – ‘Sleep Now In The Fire’

One part game show satire and one part direct political action, Los Angeles finest take their raucous anti-capitalist jams to the steps of the New York Stock Exchange and shut it down in the process. Special mention goes to the guy with the “TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2000” placard at around the 1-minute mark. Rage don’t just talk, they act.

Pantera – ‘5 Minutes Alone’

Sometimes the best film clips contain the most simple ideas. In this case, Pantera deliver a raw, live vibe in the studio when they were indisputably at their peak. Anselmo has since gone on to raise grave concerns about his politics (screaming “white power” at a concert whilst giving the Nazi salute), but I’m torn, as this will always remain one of my favourite clips.

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