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Lost Souls Release New Single And Music Video For ‘The Return’

Lost Souls has released their new single titled “The Return”. The band consists of five members Kevin, on vocals, Knox(Guitar/vocals), Jovi on bass, Yosh, behind the drums and Cassey plays the guitar for the band. 

The track, “The Return” is the band’s second release. The first single of the band is titled “Childhood Died” which crossed over a million streams on Spotify and has over five million views across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok and the numbers are still increasing. 

Lost Souls – ‘The Return’

Lost Souls’ Frontman Kevin says the following about the song: “The Return feels right to be our second single. It’s actually super f*cking hard to work out which songs to record and to release as they are all so good. We’ve had some pretty serious talks about when to release what songs because they’re that good we’re not sure what impact it will have on like… music itself. Like if we come out and just go dropping banger after banger redefining music, art, f*ck… even life with each one, that’s just irresponsible. We have a responsibility to come at this with a great deal of caution, changing lives bit by bit.”

He added. “There’s been a lot of comments online about our first single “Childhood Died” being funny, or we’re like this parody band and I guess I can see how people would think that,” he continues. “However, I’m not joking, or trying to be funny. I mean every word I say in these songs but because it’s about Star Wars people think I’m not serious.

He concluded his statement by saying. “Generations before us grew up on stories of various Gods and people just accepted it blindly, but essentially they are just stories, no different from the stories of our generation. The stories I grew up on gave me hope and taught me how to stand up for what I believe in.”

You can stream the new single here

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