Beyoncé Achieved The Impossible, Sent 1.2 Million New People To Tidal After ‘Lemonade’ Drop

It seems Beyoncé‘s Lemonade has been both a gift and a nightmare for Jay Z.

On one hand he’s been publicly outed as a cheat in one of the most powerful projects of Beyoncé’s career and on the other hand he has 1.2 million new subscribers on his ailing streaming service Tidal.

According to The New York Times, Tidal gained 1.2 million user sign ups in the first week that Lemonade was available which is a huge increase on its 3 million users that it reported it had in March.

While you can buy Lemonade on iTunes, Tidal remains the only place where you can stream the record in full more than three weeks after its release and basically it’s been doing ridiculous numbers. Songs from Lemonade have been streamed 306 million times since the records release while the film, originally premiered on HBO, has been watched 11 million times.

Bey is not the first person to offer Tidal a helping hand this year. Rihanna released ANTI exclusively to Tidal at first and then Kanye followed by keeping The Life Of Pablo exclusive to Tidal for a month.

Lemonade went to number one here in Australia as well as in the US, the UK, Canada and basically everywhere else that is too scared to face the wrath of not handing the Queen a number one record.

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