Beyonce Fan Cops A Feel Onstage In Denmark Amid Stalker Dramas In UK

Her husband might have 99 problems, but Beyonce only seems to have two, though unfortunately they’re both fairly serious. Currently gallivanting throughout Europe, Beysus has been sexually harassed on the job while performing in Denmark, and was left with no option but to bump up security at her UK performance following some even more unwanted attention.

The first incident was an opportunity that would give a select few fans the moment of a lifetime. During her Denmark performance, Bey handed the microphone to the audience, giving fans the opportunity to be the star of the show. As you can see in the below video, one fan was ‘handed’ a lot more than he was allowed. As Beyonce turned away from the crowd, one overzealous member of the audience has grabbed the cheekiest of feels, slapping the pop star’s backside.

Sasha Fierce ain’t just going to take that, though, nuh-uh. Moments after the inappropriate contact, Beyonce turned to face the fan, informing him with the sternness of a Catholic school head mistress: “I will have you escorted out right now, alright?!”

The next potential OH&S hazard for the singer revolves around her upcoming UK performance. Since 2009, Bey has been receiving some pretty off-putting fan mail from a south-west London male, Bassey Essien, who has also claimed that the Beyonce we know and love is a big fat phoney, as he has actually killed and disposed of the real Beyonce. As a result of Essien’s threats and geographical location, security has been increased at the London venue Twickenham.

Why on earth you’d go after the woman of a man whose BFF with Obama is beyond us. He could potentially get an AC-130 on yo’ ass.

Watch: Beyonce cops slap on the behind from touchy-feely fan, totally hates it

(Via The Sun)

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