Bieber’s Grandfather Has A Solid Dig – “We’ve Never Seen A Penny Of His Fortune”

Now, we’ve all copped it from our grandparents at one point or another. Surely none of them have ripped into us like old-man George Bieber ripped into his wayward and super annoying grandson. In a recent interview with The Sun, George Bieber has explained that he is facing serious illness, living in poor conditions while Justin continues to live bigger than anyone.

You’d think that being connected by 1 degree of separation George would be living fairly well, but during the interview he explains:

“Justin might be worth £70million but we certainly have never seen a penny of it. It’s hard to imagine the money Justin has, as it’s about as far removed from our life as you could get.”

Both he and Bieber’s grandmother are suffering from the ailments of age, with dear old George revealing, “His grandma has a bad back, too, but works like a dog hauling huge bags of paint powder 40 hours a week.” The couple apparently live “in squalor.”

It’s been said that in exchange for their unconditional love and years upon years of support, Beiber sends them a small amount of cash at Xmas time, makes no phone calls, doesn’t visit them and once sent a TV.

Describing his grandson as “too big for his britches”, George goes on to question Bieber’s current lifestyle:

“When I hear about his recent behaviour I just wonder who on earth is looking after him as, believe me, this is not the loving little boy we always knew.”

Of course, Bieber’s people maintain none of this is true, and that their golden boy is yet to set a foot wrong in his entire 19 years of existence, obviously all just cancerous lies of non-Beliebers and those who are totez jelly of all his success and fans.

(via Contact Music)

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