Big Day Out 2012 – More Bands Confirmed/Leaked?

The official Big Day Out 2012 line-up announcement is only a few weeks away, so naturally we’re starting to hear a few more leaks and possible confirmations as we’re getting closer to the date.

So far Kasabian are the only band locked in to play, but now we’re hearing that My Chemical Romance are “pretty much secured”, according to Herald Sun reporter Nui Te Koha. Speaking to Triple M Hot Breakfast this morning, he said “Let’s put My Chemical Romance on the table for the BDO. That’s pretty much secured.” While also throwing in a few indie acts as well: Foster the People, The Shins and Cage The Elephant

While a less credible source popped up yesterday; a Twitter account named @BigDayOutSpy, along with its twin brother @therealbigdayoutspy have been giving out clues to certain bands on the line-up. So far they’ve revealed The Vaccines, Boy and Bear, Josh Pyke, The Decemberists and Florence & the Machine on the line-up. Whether it’s believable, well you can decide for yourself.

So until we get and official word on the line-up, we’re keeping an up to date list of bands that are confirmed, strongly rumoured or predicted.

Big Day Out 2012 bands “confirmed”

My Chemical Romance

Foster the People

The Shins

Cage The Elephant

The Decemberists

Florence and the Machine

Josh Pyke

The Vaccines

Boy and Bear

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