Billie Joe Armstrong Has Given His Verdict On What Green Day’s Best Song Is

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has definitively decided what the iconic band’s best song is, which is sure to both delight and piss off their millions of fans.

Taking part in Vulture’s Superlatives series, as shared by Stereogum, Armstrong’s verdict on Green Day’s best song is…’Jesus Of Suburbia’.

The staggering, nine minute, five part track initially appeared on the band’s seminal 2004 album American Idiot, and Armstrong said it’s the song that sticks out among the band’s huge discography.

“It’s so epic,” he said.

“I mean, I’m tooting my own horn, but I think it encompasses so much about my life and friendship and family, and it’s flamboyant and big and bombastic.

“It’s one of those moments where I was feeling like I wanted to take a big risk. It’s so fun to play live, seeing how the entire crowd sings along. It’s just one of those songs.”

Armstrong also shared his thoughts on the band’s best album, which he deems to be 1991’s Kerplunk, explaining that “we wrote that record when I was 18, 19 years old, and it was at a time before punk became mainstream.”

Kerplunk was the band’s second album, and last year saw the release of their 13th album Father Of All Motherfuckers.

Watch the video for ‘Jesus Of Suburbia’ below.

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