Billy Corgan Suggests Australian Promoters Aren’t Keen For Smashing Pumpkins Tour

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has suggested that Australian promoters aren’t eager to bring the band down under as part of its current reunion tour.

Responding to questions from fans on his Instagram story on Tuesday, Corgan was asked, “Lots of Australians eager for ‘Shiny [And Oh So Bright]’ tour. You seeing that too?”

In response, the frontman simply said, “Aussie fans not same as Aussie promoters.”

In a series of other questions, Corgan was asked, “Were Smashing Pumpkins ever stuffed by promoters?”

“In Australia, actually. Like huge. Like paid nothing on the parking lot tour,” Corgan said, most probably alluding to the $1.26 million Smashing Pumpkins were owed by Soundwave Festival and its promoter AJ Maddah, after the band performed at what would be the festival’s final iteration in 2015.

Another fan on Instagram told Corgan, “AJ [Maddah] and Soundwave was a disgrace, hope you guys get paid eventually.” To which Corgan replied, “Would only happen thru [sic] a lawsuit.”

(UPDATE 05/09/18: In another post, one fan has asked Corgan to name some Australian promoters for fans to “heckle”. In response, Corgan said, “Not gonna happen. Sad, but true. No need to hassle. They are business people making business decisions. We can politely disagree. But when you sell as many tickets as we have one wonders why the same math can’t apply elsewhere.”)

View screenshots of Corgan’s responses below.

Smashing Pumpkins’ 2015 trip to Australia saw the band play headline shows in Melbourne and Sydney, alongside their Soundwave appearances in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The band’s current Shiny And Oh So Bright reunion tour features three quarters of the group’s original lineup — Corgan, guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin (sans original bassist D’arcy Wretzky) — as well as longtime guitarist Jeff Schroeder and touring members Jack Bates and Katie Cole.

The reformed group released their new single ‘Solara’ shortly after the reunion tour was announced.

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