Billy Corgan Reckons Lil Peep Was The Kurt Cobain Of This Generation

Turns out Billy Corgan is a big fan of late rapper Lil Peep.

During a recent interview with Upset, The Smashing Pumpkins frontman compared the emo-rap pioneer to Kurt Cobain, calling him this generation’s version of the grunge legend.

Corgan has also previously said he gets the “exact same vibe” listening to Peep’s music as he does listening to Metallica.

“Lil Peep, probably of all the artists I’ve heard recently tapped into that same angst,” he told the Build series.

“And it’s so sad he passed away because he was just getting to the bigger part of this work.”

Gustav Åhr – better known as Lil Peep – died from an accidental overdose of Fentanyl and Xanax back in 2017 on a tour bus in Arizona, hours before he was set to perform.

But despite it being over three years since the rapper’s tragic passing, fans are still hearing new music from him.

Most recently, his Hellboy mixtape was released onto streaming services for the very first time.

Listen below.

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