Watch Lil Peep Reflect On Success In New ‘Belgium’ Video

Late rapper Lil Peep‘s posthumous Goth Angel Sinner EP was released late last month, just under two years since his death in 2017. One of the tracks on the project was ‘Belgium’, which now has a new music video.

The clip opens with footage of Peep – real name Gustav Åhr – being interviewed on an airplane en route to Brussels, with the rest of the clip featuring live footage of Peep performing as well as exploring the streets of the Belgian capital.

The video ends with Peep reflecting on success and hard work on the plane.

“I mean, you don’t expect any of this to happen, but you don’t get here without working really fucking hard. Once you’re here you’re like ‘Fuck I’ve done so much.’ There’s been so many sleepless nights and shit that it took to get here, so you’re not really surprised about it.”

In a statement, the video’s director Meezy talked about the trip the video was shot during.

“‘Belgium’ is a very special track for me. Artist’s lives are chaotic and wrought with pressure from all sides, but that day in Belgium was one of the only times I had where I can say that I truly got to know Gus.”

The director goes on to discuss connecting with the late rapper, wandering around a castle and feeding ducks together.

“I was never able to ask him why he named the song after Belgium, but sitting here thinking about it now, I don’t think I had to because it was very special to me and clearly special to him – and that is all that matters.”

Watch the video for ‘Belgium’ below.

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