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Bjork fights energy company with karaoke

Written by Michael Carr on January 11, 2011

Protesting Canadian company Magma Energy’s bid to take over Iceland’s locally owned energy company, empress of the strange and wonderful, and everyone’s favourite pixie Bjork held a three day Karaoke marathon over the weekend, gaining over 45,000 signatures on her petition, more than she needs to ask the government to consider revoking the company’s plans.

Bjork believes, as do many of her fellow countrymen apparently, that energy companies should not be owned by foreign investors. “For 100 years, good people protected our natural resources and public interest,” the petition reads. “The sale of natural resources and irresponsible access to them began. Now it is time to stop that unfortunate development.”

The protest/karaoke-a-thon took place on the Icelandic holiday Threttándinn – which folklore says allows elves and other magical creatures to party with humans – and drew a large crowd of fans, supporters, environmentalists and journalists.

With the company gunning for her, having threatened to file a defamation lawsuit after Bjork ripped into the company’s business practices in an interview with the Canadian weekly magazine Maclean’s – the magazine having now retracted much of the article – Bjork needs all the support she can get.

In other news though she has also told the press that she is almost finished with her follow up to 2007’s Volta, with the album set to be completed some time in the next few months.

Anyway here’s a little peak at the karaoke fest, with Bjork covering Joy Division‘s Love Will Tear Us Apart.

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