Black Dice play OAF tonight and offer two-for-one tickets

Black Dice are one of the few bands even to come close to induce me to vomiting, and so to say they deliver a powerful live show is, to me, a drastic understatement. What they deliver is the musical equivalent of a rectal exam delivered by your dentist, and thanks to the amazing lovely Ash and Sophie over at Mistletone, they’re bringing the whole twisted menagerie to Sydney tonight, with a very limited two-for-one ticket offer for anyone witty enough to capture their attention.

Formed in Brooklyn, and having frequently worked and collaborated with that suburb’s celebrated sonic sons Animal Collective, the trio who started out life as a four-piece back in 1998, have taken their sound through more incarnations than most upper class lawyers have wives, touching on everything from post-hardcore to techno and everything in between. Varying from one show to the next, their current sound has been described in their press release as “a techno-influenced amalgam of noise atmospherics, jaggedly programmed beats and snatched, scrambled sample work,” or as I would call it, a shitstorm of fucking awesomeness.

Joining them will be film maker Danny Perez, most famous from his work on Animal Collective’s ODDSAC film, providing mind-bending visuals, while Lucky Dragons, often described as the Los Angeles equivalent to Black Dice, join in on the musical fun, local lo-fi beatsmiths Holy Balm also along for the ride.

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