Black Metal Band Piss On The Westboro Baptist Church

The relationship between black metal bands and churches is complicated. However, Canadian band Panzerfaust‘s recent ‘desecration’ was quite simple. As far as they’re concerned, the hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church is the “epicentre of all outhouses” and they treated it as such.

“For even thinking about protesting Jeff Hanneman‘s funeral, may your mothers suck cocks in hell,” the band wrote in a statement on their official Facebook page. After the image of the group relieving themselves on the lawn of the Westboro Church made it to the front page of several websites, Panzerfaust took to Facebook again to tell their fans, “A little bit of urine can go a long way.”

Guitarist and vocalist Kaizer told BraveWords that the photo was taken “hours in to our drive to Denver in the sauna we call a van, sweating like pedophiles at recess.” The band then received a call from a friend who informed them that they were “within pissing proximity” of the Church.

“Checking the map, we were only 20 miles past the psych ward. Needless to say, the tires screeched and we turned the Panzerkampfwagen back around and headed for the pissing grounds. Upon our arrival, we found someone so sweet as to capture this harmonious moment for us.”

The infamous hate group have prompted different reactions from artists over the years. The Foo Fighters opted to serenade their protesters dressed as homoerotic characters from their teaser video Hot Buns, while songstress Lorde suggested fans turn their protest into a same-sex love-in.

Fans of thrash metal icons Slayer, meanwhile, followed the band’s advice and simply ignored the protestors, who picketed the memorial service of the band’s late guitarist Jeff Hanneman. In a Facebook statement, Slayer insisted that ignoring the church would do the most to “piss [them] off.”

Watch: Panzerfaust – The Lord Is A Man of War, The Lord Is His Name

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