Here’s What Happened When Westboro Baptist Church Tried To Protest Vans Warped Tour

Punk rock summercamp Vans Warped Tour is currently unfolding in the US, and the travelling festival was met with an unpleasant surprise during their recent stop in Kansas City.

The hate-mongers in the Westboro Baptist Church came out (but not exactly in force) to picket the event, carrying their standard “God hates [insert vulnerable minority]” placards and apparently singing a rousing chorus of “Every filthy talking pervert will be blown away”.


So in a LOLtastic counter-attack, a bunch of Warped bands including Stick To Your Guns, Creeper and I Prevail gleefully photobombed the religious extremists’ puny protest wearing T-shirts blacker than their heathen souls and loudly emblazoned with the custom print: “Fuck the Westboro Baptist Church.”

I Prevail’s Eric Vanlerberghe also apparently engaged in a steamy dude-on-dude make-out sesh with his mate right in front of the protesters for good measure.


No word if Aussie Warped reps Trophy Eyes and Hands Like Houses were involved in the counter-protest, but needless to say the Westboro nutters probably aren’t big fans of either act, calling Warped a “100% satanic #CreeperCult” #LOLOLOLOL


Anyway, social media is awash with some pretty amazing photos of the whole thing, which you can check out below.

And if you’d like to fondly reminisce on some of the other amazing trolls that musicians have pulled on the hateful organisation in years past — such as the time a black metal band pissed on their front lawn, Foo Fighters rick-rolled them or Lorde fans absolutely schooled them on the totally foreign concepts of love and compassion — head to our dedicated Westboro Baptist Church Feed.

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